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Looking at this one I think it's time to say that now I'm looking forward to your art as much as your music. ;D
Those are some juicy clouds.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D That's great to hear.

Amazing! ^_^

This is amazing and adorable!

Glad to see that you're also THIS kind of person.
Amazing picture. Dat ear bite, though. ^_-
The only thing ... I'm not alergic to dogs, but I did adopt a cat and I've been trying to teach him how to bark for a while with no success. A day will come, they say.
Hope it happens soon. And when it does - I'll try to make a drawing like yours (unsuccesfully ofc since I have a huge drawing talent).
With a cat. On a leash. Barking.

Phronemophobia responds:

There's always National Cat Day, so even if he won't bark, your lovable kitty will still get his own day to be praised and pampered on the 29th of October. <3

Thank you as always Filip.

Never thought I'd be more afraid of a unicorn than a dragon.

Phronemophobia responds:

True, but unicorns are not quite as dangerous as the three-headed, rainbow-spewing pandas that once roamed the forests of ancient China. The reason why they are frequently associated with one another is due to their shared animosity towards the flying reptiles. This is currently the most acceptable explanation for why dragons no longer exist within all of modern Eurasia, though hopeful skeptics still cling to the possibility that undiscovered dragon nests may still be found within the sparsely-populated regions of European Russia. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Anyway, sorry for the info dump. I do that sometimes.
Thank you, Filip. <3 <3 <3

Love it. <3

This is freakin' amazing, Phro !!!111oenoneone
And that, my friend, is how you make someone's day.
I'm happy that we 'crossed paths' in april and that I made that AIM song (and that you dared to take a listen ;D), duh, otherwise this wouldn't happen at all.
Dem details, man, don't know where to start.
For me, honestly, I feel like this whole year was leading to this.
Will never forget this. <3
Thank you sir!

Phronemophobia responds:

I didn't dare nothing. It was a song inspired by Butzbo's whimsical art. There was no way I was going to ignore something like that! Plus, you made even better music later on in the year with Chip Shop, Eternal Sands, Swarm, Showdown, and A Sunset Ago, but Sunflowers & Ants remains my favorite from your discography. I'm eager to hear what you'll come up with in 2018... provided the internet doesn't turn into a mess of multi-tiered payment plans and choked connection speeds, that is.

I really do hope you reach over 100 (if not 200) fans next year. 32 is a far cry from what you rightfully deserve.

Thank you for continuing to make the Audio Portal a happier place, Filip! <3

Amazing Inktober so far.
Looking forward to all the other days. ;D

Wow. Looks amazing.
Love it.

I dig this.

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