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This is amazing.

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Ideas like this.. Amazing.
Inspiring, creative and open-minded.
Well done!

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Progression, especially first two chords reminded me on 'thank u, next' hahaha.
Great song and production, eventhough I feel like I would've put more reverb on the main lead at some points.

Was ready to analyze and say something constructive, but I just can't.
I was simply drawn into that port city with this song.
Amazing orchestration and subtle changes.
Stays catchy, simple and yet changes all the time, that's the way to go.
Totally ready for a game of some sort.
Best work of yours to date (for me). :)

Everratic responds:

That first line is the best kind of praise :D I think this is pretty normal for a composer, but I was obsessed with fixing what I thought were many minor flaws. At some point I decided to stop because I realized most people wouldn't notice those things anyway, and your comment is a case in point.

I'm glad you think this is my best work to date because I thought so too. In case you're wondering, my favorite song of yours is "In the Hall of the Pumpkin King".

Thank you for the lovely review!

Really lovely piece. Love the sound overall, everything's mixed pretty freakin' nice.
If I may nitpick, though:
Would've loved if the kick was a little bit quiter though and HH's were more 'humanized' (you could change velocity on them now and then).
However, drums are really great and they nicely cut through.
Instrumentation's really done right.
Reverse cymbals / cymbals could've also been processed better. I think adding more and/or automating reverb would help to set them up behind in the mix which would be great in orchestral track like this.
Everything else is right on point.
This one's one of my favorites of yours.
Keep it up. :)

FateModified responds:

Thanks endK for the in-depth review! I agree with you on everything you mentioned. I'll keep all that in mind for my future music for sure. Thanks again man! <3

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Looking at this one I think it's time to say that now I'm looking forward to your art as much as your music. ;D
Those are some juicy clouds.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D That's great to hear.

Amazing! ^_^

This is amazing and adorable!

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