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Progression, especially first two chords reminded me on 'thank u, next' hahaha.
Great song and production, eventhough I feel like I would've put more reverb on the main lead at some points.

Was ready to analyze and say something constructive, but I just can't.
I was simply drawn into that port city with this song.
Amazing orchestration and subtle changes.
Stays catchy, simple and yet changes all the time, that's the way to go.
Totally ready for a game of some sort.
Best work of yours to date (for me). :)

Everratic responds:

That first line is the best kind of praise :D I think this is pretty normal for a composer, but I was obsessed with fixing what I thought were many minor flaws. At some point I decided to stop because I realized most people wouldn't notice those things anyway, and your comment is a case in point.

I'm glad you think this is my best work to date because I thought so too. In case you're wondering, my favorite song of yours is "In the Hall of the Pumpkin King".

Thank you for the lovely review!

Really lovely piece. Love the sound overall, everything's mixed pretty freakin' nice.
If I may nitpick, though:
Would've loved if the kick was a little bit quiter though and HH's were more 'humanized' (you could change velocity on them now and then).
However, drums are really great and they nicely cut through.
Instrumentation's really done right.
Reverse cymbals / cymbals could've also been processed better. I think adding more and/or automating reverb would help to set them up behind in the mix which would be great in orchestral track like this.
Everything else is right on point.
This one's one of my favorites of yours.
Keep it up. :)

FateModified responds:

Thanks endK for the in-depth review! I agree with you on everything you mentioned. I'll keep all that in mind for my future music for sure. Thanks again man! <3

Neat tune.
Love the build-up in the intro, great synth choices, and lovely sidechain.
Low end's not that great, sub and kick processing could be a lot better, though.
Kick sounds a little too 'thumpy' and could be more louder / cut through the mix.
It's actually alright in the first part of the song but doesn't fit in the drop, imho.
Lovely melody in the outro.
As I said, pretty neat track.
Wonder what it would sound like if it was longer.
Just keep it up and good job. :)

Spline-1337 responds:

Thank you for your advice! I will definitely consider them in future tracks!

Great piece.
This main 'chorus' melody/motif is amazingly done.
It's so addictive, catchy and epic.
Love it! :>

Bertn1991 responds:

Ooh, thanks so much for listening! I appreciate the kind feedback.

Much respect <3

Amazing intro!
If I may nitpick -
0:15 - onwards - wish the chords [rhythm] were little wider in stereo field or even more automated in different ways, eventhough the choir is already widely spread.
I even think violin would sound better with more reverb as if it was coming from far away, maybe even raise the freq around 5khz or so.
Stomp at 0:30 was top notch with amazing new lead.
As I more think of it, tribal build-up would really work great in that part. (just a thought at first/second listen)
Lead at 0:45 was ok, but also could've been better processed imho. (guess automating and experimenting reverb/delay/phaser would do the trick).
Loved the ravy part at 1:17, nothin' to say there.
Second chorus was best part of the song, including the solo orchestral parts, as well as ending.
In conclusion automating the fx of leads could benefit the whole texture and movement even more. Also, lovely structure, song's nicely wrapped up and I loved the trance/orchestral combo, think you managed to deliver very well.

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the review! We appreciate the comments :)

I agree with all your points. The leads are automated a bit, but they could indeed have been automated more. I also think I could have done a better job with the mixing. Perhaps with a better mix, the existing automation could have been more noticeable.

Nothin' much to say.
Guess it's my favorite of yours.
Enchanting, memorable and amazing melody.
Feel like it belongs in some of my childhood games.
Makes me strangely nostalgic.

IoTheEternal responds:

thanks man - I think it originally was used in some games on here back in 2004 :)

make sure it's used in more :P

glad it's your new favourite of mine! :)

thanks for the review! :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

Love your style.
Lovely breaks and rhythm in general.
Also I really dig the arrangement. Kinda Waterflame-ish and it pumps me up. :)
On the other hand I agree with Crimson Tears.
All the time I feel like I'm waiting for something - I guess the main part that will hook me and make my jaw drop.
You practically got everything here but I feel that something needs to 'stick out'.
If you were going with the flow as you said, I think you managed to deliver upbeat 'background-ish action-packed song' very nice.
I highly suggest focusing on one motif thus making it catchy, and repeating it and enhancing with all the textures you already have within your song.
Great work nonetheless, you can go only up from here. :)
Especially liked the final part (2:24 - onwards).
Keep it up!

Hyenaedon responds:

Thanks so much! Yeah I think I will focus on getting a really nice "motif" as you said for my next track. Hopefully a more prevalent melody or something like that. Glad you liked it besides that though! =)

Is it me or do I sense Green Hill Zone vibes in here? :D
Great arrangement and composition.
Some synth sounds didn't fit that well to my ear, but it's a great song nonetheless.
Especially loved the solo!
Good work. :)

SourJovis responds:

You are the first to make the connection between Green Hill Zone and this song, but I completely agree.

Like I mentioned I went for a first level type of song. The kind that is catchy so it draws players in so they want to continue playing and which is the song that immediately comes to mind when they think about the game. Green Hill Zone is such a song, but with a pop-music vibe many other game music of that time lack, and which is what gives Sonic a cooler image than say Mario for instance. I bet it also helps this song uses a lot of FM modulation synthesis, just like the Sega Genesis does.

What are the synth sounds you felt didn't fit so well if you could describe them?

Thank you for the feedback!

Nice touch with panning!
Hooked on that main motif.
Love your sense of 'brief' storytelling as much as I liked it in One Hero's Journey, although I'm curious and wonder how it would sound if it was longer and every part had more time to develop (since there are a lot of individual parts).
Great job once more Chrono!

ChronoNomad responds:

Haha, awesome! Two positive comments on the panning in a row. Thank you very much, endKashika. I respect the heck out of all my fellow artists, but I generally deem you to be right at the top of the heap when it comes to all things Chiptune, so your feedback means a lot to me.

My time for working on this piece was a bit more limited this year, but I still wanted to make the most of it and do something along a similar vein to One Hero's Journey. Fortunately, I was able to finish the track with a few days' grace, especially since I ended up coming down with the cold that's been making the rounds. Suffice to say, it's much harder to work on music when your ears are all stopped up and your head feels like it's locked in a vice.

Perhaps one day I'll take some of these smaller sections and flesh them out a bit more. For now, it's been really fun trying to tell a story over the course of a handful of minutes. What's really crazy is that this track has more individual sections that last year's...even though it's almost a minute shorter!

Thanks again for the review, endKashika! It's really cool to know that you're listening.

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